Anna Rigol i Roset

Barcelona, 1973


Anna Rigol graduated in Law from Pompeu Fabra University (1995). She has a Master’s degree in Public Management from Pompeu Fabra University, ESADE and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2001). Vicens Vives Program, ESADE (2002-2003).

Since 1996 she has worked as a lawyer in various sectors, a private law firm, a private company (the CESPA Group) and later the public administration (the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Regional Gaming and Betting Authority), focusing at all times on administrative law and, more especially, on environmental law. She was a member of the Board of Management of the Barcelona Bar Association Public Law Section (1998-2000) and Environmental Section (2002 -2005).

She re-joined the firm MENÉNDEZ & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS in 2007.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.